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About Us

We are a very small boutique bag company, specializing in handmade classic style bike bags for commuting, randonneuring, and touring. We craft everything on our bags ourselves using locally sourced materials, whenever possible.


Several years ago I got my first "real" bike, that I used for commuting and just for getting around the city when I didn't want to drive my car. I ended up selling the car and buying another bike. Since then I've fallen head over heels in love with cycling. I have worked as a cycle courier, riden solo across America and taken up cyclocross and road racing. As a bicycle mechanic, I'm very familiar with the unique challenges of creating a bag that not only fits well on a bicycle, but is also functional.


I like to sew, I love to ride. I love being creative and making things for my friends. My dream, to be able to work for myself making awesome products that I feel good about, is what this company is all about. I spent years as a courier in Philadelphia. Although I no longer ride for a living, I still want to live by the same principles that made me love that job - self sufficiency and freedom. Now go ride your bike!

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